Growing up in a rather large family, afforded me the opportunity to attend quite a lot of my older cousin’s and family members’ weddings.  While not so much interested in the ceremony or the “usual accoutrements” of the day, I started to closely observe the photographer at the events. I very early learned the responsibility the photographer had that day. I was able to watch him as he organized the people into beautiful shapes that formed his portraits. It inspired me!

Later on, at a country church carnival, I remember using the last of my allowance to gamble on a chance to win a Kodak box camera. I still am not sure if it was “divine intervention” or the pity of the carnival worker who may have intervened, but I won it, using up my last coins. Unfortunately film and processing costs were a drain on my meager means at that time, so I did not have much opportunity to explore the field of photography. It wasn’t until much later that a friend was getting married and asked if I would photograph their Wedding for them. It was at their expense so I quickly agreed. It was the revival of my passion for photography. 

I studied whatever I could about Photography at every chance I had; even though my career took me into the Engineering Field. A lot of my vacation time was spent attending Professional Photography Schools given by some of the worlds most respected photographers. At a point, I decided to follow my passion fulltime and that is where I am at today.

My photography style is based on the aesthetic beauty that can be accomplished with manipulating light, color and expression. I tend to visualize what it is that the client is expecting and then proceed with what I know would enhance my work. Almost always, it has the outcome of being more than my clients envisioned.

My focus is mainly on producing portraits. I specialize in weddings, portrait sessions with families, seniors, individuals, pets, and something I attain great joy in producing is Yearbooks and Church Directories. I am located in Bucks County but do work in Montgomery, Lehigh and Northampton Counties, Pennsylvania. I travel to locations at the New Jersey Shore and the Pocono Mountains.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Guild of Professional Photographers of the Delaware Valley and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. I was on the Board of Directors of the Guild for three years and a member of several business groups. I would love to talk to you about your needs and to see if I may be of assistance. Please call me when you have an idea you wish to explore.

Thank you for visiting my website,

John Kuklinski
Relationships Photography