Invariably the first question a new client asks is “How much is this going to cost me?” Answering that question is comparable to asking a New Car Dealer “How much is a new car?”  Everyone has different wants and needs and, of course, the investment will differ between choices.

For Portraits, there is an initial fee, called the Creation Fee. Primarily this covers reserving our time for consultations, and the planning that will need to be done.  This also includes the actual Portrait Session, any travel time involved to and from the location for the portrait site, preparing Images to present, to assist in making your selection and placing your order choices. While the simple Creation Fee begins at $50.00 it may be higher depending on variables such as time and travel as well as other considerations.

The cost for the actual Portraits varies greatly, depending on sizes, quantities, finishes and framing selected. We custom tailor the portrait to the clients’ individual needs, thereby, limiting the Portrait cost to just what the client needs.

Our Wedding packages start around $2100 and can be higher, depending on your needs. Special events such as Yearbooks and Church Directories are determined on an individual basis. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your plans.

All of our clients are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. If the portraits are not to your liking, we will do more portraits or refund your total investment. If there is a problem with the actual portrait or album, we will fix it, without questions. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Feel free to call us to discuss your ideas.